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EP 22 - 3 Ways Isolation Has Positively Affected Us

Our first remote podcast! In the previous episode, we discussed ways to stay positive through quarantine and now that we’ve all been through it for over a month, we have put those things into action and we wanted to reflect on how our mindsets and habits have changed. We finish the episode with some silly questions, discussions about favorite Tik Toks and YouTubers, hobbies we want to pursue, and scary scammers. Enjoy! We apologize for the audio not being as high quality as usual. It will be better next episode, we promise! Learning through and getting through all of this together!

EP 21 - 5 Ways to Stay Positive & Productive Through COVID-19 Quarantine

There is a lot going on right now with COVID-19 and the CDC and government calling on us to socially distance ourselves and do our best to remain calm but dedicated so we can slow the spread of the virus. With everything going on, it’s really easy to start feeling overwhelmed or worried and anxious. So we wanted to hop on the podcast and talk about 5 ways to stay positive through all of this. We also wanted provide somewhat of an escape from it all and answer some fun, silly, feels-like-you’re-hanging-out-with-us questions. We discuss all sorts of drinking stories, current obsessions, show recommendations, weird DMs, and more. Cheers to that!

EP 20 - Retreat Recap, Leader Search, Ghost Stories, + Advice For You

The girls do a quick recap of the Elite Leader retreat in Breckenridge, explain the Leader Search and what type of person/people Balance is looking to bring on, share ghost stories, and answer some listener questions. Grab your glass and get ready to wheeze laugh! Cheers! For video footage of the podcast (and ghost) -->

EP 19 - A New Direction | Wine Down & Find Your Balance

In this episode, Taylor and Chloe are joined by Ali, their new producer, to sit down and discuss the adjustment in content direction of The Balance Show. Join the girls in discussing a wide range of topics - from conspiracy theories to embarrassing biffing stories… all while sipping wine, of course. Grab your glass, this is a fun one! Cheers!

EP 18 - Danyele Wilson | Wine Down Wednesday

Ready to wind down? Join us for a lighthearted, humorous, and thought-provoking Q&A with Danyele Wilson. Danyele has been with Balance from the beginning. We sat down with her over some wine to answer silly and meaningful questions. We hope you enjoy this type of podcast!

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