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EP 22 - 3 Ways Isolation Has Positively Affected Us

Our first remote podcast! In the previous episode, we discussed ways to stay positive through quarantine and now that we’ve all been through it for over a month, we have put those things into action and we wanted to reflect on how our mindsets and habits have changed. We finish the episode with some silly questions, discussions about favorite Tik Toks and YouTubers, hobbies we want to pursue, and scary scammers. Enjoy! We apologize for the audio not being as high quality as usual. It will be better next episode, we promise! Learning through and getting through all of this together!

EP 21 - 5 Ways to Stay Positive & Productive Through COVID-19 Quarantine

There is a lot going on right now with COVID-19 and the CDC and government calling on us to socially distance ourselves and do our best to remain calm but dedicated so we can slow the spread of the virus. With everything going on, it’s really easy to start feeling overwhelmed or worried and anxious. So we wanted to hop on the podcast and talk about 5 ways to stay positive through all of this. We also wanted provide somewhat of an escape from it all and answer some fun, silly, feels-like-you’re-hanging-out-with-us questions. We discuss all sorts of drinking stories, current obsessions, show recommendations, weird DMs, and more. Cheers to that!

EP 20 - Retreat Recap, Leader Search, Ghost Stories, + Advice For You

The girls do a quick recap of the Elite Leader retreat in Breckenridge, explain the Leader Search and what type of person/people Balance is looking to bring on, share ghost stories, and answer some listener questions. Grab your glass and get ready to wheeze laugh! Cheers! For video footage of the podcast (and ghost) --> https://youtu.be/lLAe67c6wj8

EP 19 - A New Direction | Wine Down & Find Your Balance

In this episode, Taylor and Chloe are joined by Ali, their new producer, to sit down and discuss the adjustment in content direction of The Balance Show. Join the girls in discussing a wide range of topics - from conspiracy theories to embarrassing biffing stories… all while sipping wine, of course. Grab your glass, this is a fun one! Cheers!

EP 18 - Danyele Wilson | Wine Down Wednesday

Ready to wind down? Join us for a lighthearted, humorous, and thought-provoking Q&A with Danyele Wilson. Danyele has been with Balance from the beginning. We sat down with her over some wine to answer silly and meaningful questions. We hope you enjoy this type of podcast!

EP 17 - 5 Ways to Turn Negativity Into Fuel

We all deal with negativity. Whether it's a comment on our social, an angry driver on our morning commute, or even someone close to us not believing in our dreams. In today's episode, Taylor and Chloe talk about their experiences with negativity, and 5 ways to turn that energy into FUEL. Enjoy!

EP 16 - The Pro's and Con's of Running a Business with Your Spouse

In today's episode, Taylor and Steve discuss the Pro's and Con's of running a business with your spouse. Jumping into a business venture with your person can be extremely exciting and rewarding, but the dynamic is certainly unique and can take some time to navigate. They give you a deep look into the reality of day to day, and offer helpful tips to balancing life, creating boundaries, and maintaining healthy business and personal relationships simultaneously.

EP 15 - 20 Questions With Taylor And Chloe

This week, we bring you a much more lighthearted podcast.Taylor, Chloe, and Eri get together for an absurd game of 20 Questions. We had A LOT of fun making this for you, hope its brings some laughs into your day!

EP 14 - 25 Steps To Starting Your Business

In today's special episode, Chloe and Taylor go in depth on the 25 most important steps to starting your business and why they are so essential. They share their personal experiences on a wide array of topics including the significance of mentors, finding your company's "why", building a foundation, creating culture, and many more.

EP 13 - Best Weekend EVER & Our First Pop Up Shop

In today's episode, Taylor, Chloe, Tyler, and Eri discuss the planning and execution of our very first pop up shop in Las Vegas, plus what could very well have been the best weekend of our lives. They cover the do's, dont's, and everything in between.

EP 12 - Millennial Dating #Relationships

In today's topic of Millennial Dating, Chloe and Eri give some insight and perspective into modern dating during a time when everyone is infinitely accessible yet more disconnected than ever. Their relationship story is quite unique, and opens the conversation up about ego, resistance to commitment, and a variety of things that get in the way of love these days.

EP 11 - Eating Intuitively and Building a Healthy Diet

In this week's episode, Taylor and Steve discuss the ins and outs of nutrition and diet. Between Taylor, an IFBB Pro with a degree in Dietetics, and Steve, who holds dual degrees in biology and chemistry, these two have both a foundation of knowledge as well as experience in the world of nutrition. From strict competition dieting, to now intuitive eating, they cover many food related topics and offer tips on how to craft a diet based on years of experience.

EP 10 - How to Build Your Social Media

In this week's episode, Chloe interviews Taylor about how she started and elevated her social media to the renowned personal brand of 700K organic followers it is today. They discuss Taylor's journey into social media, the importance of authenticity, finding your niche, providing value, managing partnerships, and much much more.

EP 9 - The Business Side of Social Media + Becoming an Entrepreneur

In today's episode, Taylor interviews Tyler Olson, who is a CPA, Financial Analyst, Entrepreneur, Balance's Controller, and a staple in Taylor's social media success. The conversation covers the transition from comfortable 9-5 to entrepreneurship, the power of surrounding yourself with the right friends, and tips on navigating the business side of social media.

EP 8 - Quitting Med School and Changing Paths

In today's episode, Eri interviews Steve about his drastic change in life direction. We discuss the journey from quitting medical school to now running a successful clothing line. Steve's story is one of overcoming both self and external doubt, reinventing identity, and chasing dreams until they are realized despite the effort required.

EP 7 - Best and Worst Moments in Operations

In this episode, the Ops team gets together to talk about overcoming mistakes, problem solving when the stakes are high, and the Best and Worst moments of launches. This is a great one for anybody with aspirations of starting a business, or even just looking for some light hearted banter with the Balance Boiz.

EP 6 - 6 Habits To Change Your Life

In today's episode, Taylor, Chloe, and Steve talk about our upcoming 6 week #ElevateU series and 6 easy habits you can implement daily, which will yield life changing results.

EP 5 - Finding Your Confidence

Taylor and Chloe discuss their personal journeys to self confidence. They dive into their first moments of conscious insecurity, the impacts of external opinions, and their progression into letting go of societal standards, owning their identities, and cultivating confidence today.

EP 4 - Finding Your Purpose and Passion in Life

It’s about to get real - Taylor, Chloe, and Steve discuss finding your purpose in life, your passions, and how to grow into the best version of you.

EP 3 - Choosing Forever #Relationships

Today we’re talking all about relationships - from how Taylor and Steve met, to advice for keeping your relationships healthy.

EP 2 - Q&A: Entrepreneurship, Social Media, and Balance In Life

We dive deep into your questions and learn more about Taylor, Chloe, and Steve’s backgrounds, inspirations, and how they find balance as entrepreneurs.

EP 1 - Introducing The Balance Show

Welcome to The Balance Show! Check out our trailer episode to learn more and meet the team.

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